Fun, surprising, ideal to impress your friends or discover cooking and chemistry to your children,
molecular gastronomy offers a new world of surprises and creativity.

Here are some tips and best recipes selected by activitypedia.

Molecular cuisine in pictures

a great video that can be achieved with molecular cuisine.


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Molecular cuisine, what then?

He is playing to create surprising shapes and consistencies using chemical reactions.

Do not worry, nothing dangerous! if you take the precautions as for any kitchen ...
and it is possible to do molecular gastronomy from 100% natural products.

Molecular gastronomy allows you to make dishes reserved for chefs and starred restaurants: beads aromatic coffee, foam flavored with mint or curry, mushroom whipped cream or chocolate, espumas of melons ...


This article is organized by "type" of achievement (foams, beads), with links to recipes, videos.
Think about add your links, videos and personal advice!

Foam and espumas salty or sweet to achieve with a Siphon

arrow Article on mosses and espumas savory and sweet


With Agar-Agar, Make beads or spaghetti aromatic

arrow a detailed article on the Agar-Agar

Aromatic Make balls with Alginate

arrow Recipes ball aromatic

Sparkling effect Add your recipes

arrow Recipes with sparkling effect

Effect flavored mousse foam

arrow Read Recipes to create emulsions and foams flavored

Your Books and Materials

Here is a selection of the best books on molecular gastronomy

With Children

des molécules plein l'assiette


This demonstration with Hervé]
Here is the latest recipes ** added:

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Video of the show E = M6

a funny video of ultra-soft jelly

Molecular cuisine in pictures

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