Here are some tips that will allow you to travel for less:


Move less

this is usually the position of the highest expense of a trip.
To make more money, this is the first place to look.
here are our tips:
  • Book your flight as soon as possible, take the time to compare dates, destinations and companies.
  • Beware: last minute is not always synonymous with good business
  • On-site, choose the bus or train
  • Buy tickets used, via sites like ZePass, or KelBillet Trocdestrains
  • If you are 4 or more, renting a car can be profitable (and guarantee you total freedom)
  • Avoid taxis always more expensive and may often scams
  • Share transport costs: carpool
  • You can hitchhike, but avoid doing it alone and it depends on the region
  • Ask about packages "theft" or "trains" that allow you to pay a sum then make as many journeys as you wish. These packages exist for many destinations are not always reserved to students!
    • you can buy inter-rail tickets in Europe, Japan and the United States
    • The south-american AirPass proposed by the company LAN in South America.

Cheaper housing

The 2nd position in the travel cost, is housing.
  • Surf couches: it's free!
  • Staying for free during your holidays by exchanging your apartment or house
  • Camping is a very economical solution.
  • Watch offers hostels, including dormitories.
  • Beware of the prices of the hotels / hostels person. It is sometimes more cost effective to book a room for 2 or 3 with a fixed price in a decent hotel that take 2 or 3 places in a budget hotel.
  • The woofing is a concept to allow you free accommodation in exchange for your labor. a great way to travel green and natural, meet other people and to integrate the social life of a region.

Some tips and advice

  • Before you pay your flight, you can search for a discount code.
    • Do not forget that making a good search on google "discount code + name of the site"
    • You can find interesting instant discounts.
    • Check that you have grabbed this code before paying
    • Note: it does not work in 100% of cases!

Travel guides online (free)

  • An excellent travel forum with over 400,000 members http://voyageforum.com/
    • You will find advice, tips and answers to your questions.
  • A free travel guide (based on the principle of wikipedia): WikiTravel
  • Cityzeum provides guides to print or download on your mobile.
Are also Cityzeum ** with an iPhone

Compare the price
there is no secret to (alias (travel cheap)): you have to spend some time.
  • The same trip can be sold at different prices.
  • Use price comparison sites such as liligo to find the best deal.
  • Be careful: the prices are often very interesting for one person. But may not be for more!
  • Eg
    • In most hotels you pay for a room for 2 (or 3 with children) by example 100 Euros.
    • Some websites offer promotions with overnight at 60 Euros per personne 40% discount.
    • This is true for one person, but 2 (2x60 = 120 Euros), it's downright more expensive than standard rates at the hotel (100 Euros per room)!
    • And make sure the services (breakfast, etc ...)

  • The Luxury not cher: http://www.voyage-prive.com/" rel="external">Voyage
    • Offers low rates on hotels that have recently opened their doors or being renovated and are in search of customers.

Together Buy your train tickets used!
  • With sites like ZePass.com you can buy train tickets and concert tickets for prizes sometimes very interesting :

Speak the local language!

  • There are sites and guides for free language learning << read article
  • It is always useful to speak the local language to negotiate and bargain

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