This page refers to additional scenarios for the game Chronicles of crime
These scenarios are free of charge and some of them were created by Franck D, the creator of activitypedia.
This article is also available in French : Scenarios supplémentaires pour Chronicles of Crime

The Secret Hut

The treasure from the secret hut was stolen. Find out what was in the treasure and help Capucine find the culprit.

This scenario was designed for children from 7 years old, without violence, to play with their families. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that easy.
It is available in several languages and has already been downloaded several hundred times.
You can find it here: The secret Hut v1.4

The Dunsmouth Curse

Scotland Yard. Friday night, 9:00 p. m. Sir Witson, a school principal, arrives at Scotland Yard.
He is worried about one of his students. Henri-Xavier from Dunsmouth is not at home. We have to find him.

The 1st community scenario, created by Cyol. without violence, compatible for all ages.
you can find it hereThe Dunsmouth Curse

The robbery

The Centre’s bank was robbed, 5 suspects were arrested nearby. It’s up to you to question them and find out who robbed the bank.
This scenario, reserved for the oldest (14+), is available here: The robbery v1.92 - 30th july 2019

Extraordinary cases - The diver

A diver has been found dead in the hills, far from any waterside. What is he doing here ? Who killed him ?

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